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Monday, 03 April 2017 09:37

Top Social Networking Site For Readers And Book Lovers Featured

Written by  C. J. Leger
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If you're a reader like me then you know that regular social networking sites just aren't as satisfying to us, as would be, a social networking site solely dedicated to readers and book-lovers. I did quite a bit of research (and joined most of them) and curated a list of top social networking sites for readers dedicated to the love of books and interactions between other avid readers.

Good Reads

At the top of my list I always have good reads, because it's an old favourite and it really is centred upon the largest online book database that a social networking site has to offer. Many other social networking sites don't have as vast of the book database because they relatively new and they're still working on curating their list.

On good reads users can list all of the books that they've read, rearrange shelves to include certain genres, what they're currently reading, and what they plan to read in the future. Book reviews are the canter of good reads; many of its users not only rate their books but also include very detailed reviews. One of the features I like most about this particular site is that it allows you to notify other readers of whether or not your review includes spoilers. Good reads also allows you to link your Amazon profile so that you can link you were Amazon book purchases, reads, and reviews to your good reads profile, which makes it easier to stay up to date with your followers and friends.

I personally think that one of the things that sets good reads aside from other sites is the fact that it's one of the only places where readers can actually connect with authors on a singular platform. Authors are given a special privilege to have a blog with in their good reads profile, which readers can follow and become a fan of their favourite authors and stay up to date with their projects. Other features include:

Marking the progress of your reads by page or percentage

Linking to Twitter or Facebook to publicize updates

Book clubs and challenges to join

Widgets for your personal blog

Book Likes

The second network on my list is going to be Book Likes, it's only second because it lacks some of the features that good reads offers, however, it's a very good runner up because it has one of the most important features that the good reads does not offer, and that's a blog. So, if you're an avid reader and book reviewer, and you like to write on your spare time, you can join Book Likes and do both with a built in blogging system within your profile.

On your dashboard, you will be able to update your reading list, you're reading selections, reviews and ratings and status updates. You'll also be able to write new blogs and sorcery them back to either your personal blog or any other website you've drawn from for inspiration.

Another key features that Book Likes has that good reads does not have, is the linking to all of your social networking profiles and personal website on the sidebar of your blog. Good reads usually only lets you link to your main site, whether that is your blog, twitter, or Facebook. But BL allows you to list all of your associations from one place. Other features include:

Widgets for your BL blog that link back to good reads

Widgets for your BL blog that link back to your Twitter feed

Publicizing to Twitter or Facebook

Leaf Marks

Leave Marks is a relatively primitive networking site, but it's a great place for readers to congregate and connect with each other. It has quite a few very good features and badges available for active users. LM uses badges as Xbox uses achievement points, for example, after your first 10 reviews you'll get a badge, and there are also badges is available for the amount of followers you gain and your activity on the site, including the challenges you complete.

Leaf Marks also has a very prestigious badge awarded to individuals who actively curate the  LM book database called "Librarians". I was a lucky recipient of this badge and take a lot of pleasure in updating the Leaf Marks book database for users.

When I say that LM is primitive, I only mean that in a sense where the book database isn't as updated as the other two mentioned above. However, it is a complete social networking site with good navigation and resources for readers. You can import your good reads library so that you don't have to start all over again, and you can mark the progress of your books, review books and interact with other users. Other features include:

Buttons to your profile for your personal blog or website

Badges for your Leaf Marks profile, which can also be placed on your personal blog or website

Librarian Status for active users serious about managing the LM database

Status updates


Inclusion of all your affiliated social networking links and websites on your profile page


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