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Saturday, 11 February 2017 19:47

Riverside Republicans Have Decided Again Featured

Written by  Joshua Moses
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After installing the U.S. President of the Republican Party, it looks like the Republican County GOP have decided again. The members of the Riverside County Republican Party have chosen Jonathan Ingram as their newly elected leader besides two other representatives, John Denver and Stu Blaze to serve in the Committee.

Jonathan Ingram on Thursday, January 26, 2017 took over from Scott Mann whose term as the County Republican Leader expired. Scott Mann, who was present at the meeting to hand over to the newly elected Ingram said: "I can think of nobody more equipped to lead the County GOP heading into the 2018 gubernatorial election cycle.” Scott Mann, the immediate former Menifee Mayor, praised Ingram as a fit person to run the affairs of the County GOP.

Jonathan Ingram is currently serving as a Mayor Pro Tem of Murrieta City Council. He was elected in 2014, and his term expires in 2018. The committee that elected him indicated that he was the most appropriate candidate because of his active participation in the party's leadership within the region and the State of California.

Jonathan leads two other District 67th members of the Riverside County Republican Central Committee members who were sworn in as representatives of this party in District 67. John Denver and Stu Blaze are both sworn in at the Mission Inn.

John Denver, an Economist and Real Estate Broker at John Denver Realty commented on the past presidential inauguration where he admitted that “Several guests attended the Inauguration of President Trump. They expressed that the event had a strong spirit of relief and comradery in spite of the negative elements, some from Canada”. This comment demonstrates the hard task that the Republicans are currently facing of making their party acceptable to the public from the high office to the grass root.

California is currently a Blue State. In the last general election, Democrats won the majority of electoral seats in this State and its Regions. The county registered Democrats overtook Republican voters by more than 24,000. The County also has a significant number of independent voters. The Democrats are well represented with a strong public leadership. They are well represented in the State Senate, Riverside Area Assembly and Congressional Seats.

These brief statistics show that Democrats make up a major plurality of the California politics. With the Republican President and Democratic super majority legislative, California GOP is either getting an advantage to change the statistics, or they will have a mountain to climb to register more voters by the next general election.

The Riverside County Republican Party Committee Members and all those who took oath of office admit to understanding the challenges that lay before them. GOP members installed a leader with experience and a leader whom they believe is going to change the statistics. He has now a task to meet those challenges head-on. His leadership will be put to the test as he looks forward to increasing the number of Republican members in a supposedly dominant Democratic or Blue State. Jonathan must outdoor the outgoing leader numbers of registered voters.



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