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Monday, 19 September 2016 17:00

Caltrans Encourages Motorists To Save State Funds With Adopt-A-Highway Program Featured

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Caltrans is encouraging motorists to keep the state clean with its ‘Don’t Trash California” campaign and join its Adopt-A-Highway program in order to save state funds used for litter removal.

In 2014, Caltrans District 8 (which includes the City of Menifee and the Southwest region), reported spending over $6 million to clean up regional state highways, and statewide the state transportation agency has spent $62 million on litter removal in the past year; however, on the flip side the blight of trash and debris can be even more detrimental to a community affecting growth, crime and over reputation which at a local level can contribute to revenue loss or increased spending on the issue.

Caltrans uses a variety of litter removal programs that include Adopt-A-highway, work release programs, one day permitted clean ups by groups and local agencies, and through the work of its own crews to address litter issues. Like Caltrans, the City is committed to helping to save money by keeping the highways trash free, so that funds instead would be used to repair and improve roads and highways.

Through the partnership with Caltrans, the State Department of Transportation has cleaned up the corridor along Newport Road to Scott Road, and has scheduled a clean-up from Newport Road to McCall Blvd this week, and from McCall Blvd to Ethanac Blvd in the next couple of weeks.

“We appreciate the Caltrans partnership with the City to help keep our City clean and inviting for our residents, and visitors, as highways are the gateways to cities,” said City Manager Rob Johnson. 

“We also appreciate the local partnerships and programs Caltrans has fortified to keep the clean-up costs low, as the City of Menifee understands well that tax dollars spent each year to clean-up roads could be better used for ongoing infrastructure maintenance needs, to assist with improved circulation and the movement of goods.”

For more information or to learn about the Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway program, please visit or call (916) 654-2926.

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