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Sunday, 01 November 2015 01:50

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, Stu R. Blaze to represent you and our "City Of A Lifetime!!" Featured

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Well, It's getting down to the final days before our official special election day. I'm excited and can't wait for Tuesday. Please be sure to vote and the following is why I am the best choice for you and  Menifee. Someone that is making it way too obvious she is supporting another candidate rudely commented on Facebook, (paraphrasing) so what if I am a business man, most people are in business. I'm way beyond most people in business and also not just a business man but experienced and successful business owner in our city. Many more reasons why I have much more business experience and why that business experience is best suited for serving you and Menifee as a City Council Person.

This picture takes me way back. That was taken in December of 2008 just after our "Town Of A Lifetime" became our "CITY Of A Lifetime." It was the start of one of the worst recessions we had experienced but I was committed to bring a viable  business to Menifee and employ 30 people that were out of work, pay sales tax, business property tax, and payroll tax's(un-like any other candidate).  When I pulled papers to run for Councilman in District #3 the city clerk mentioned that I can run under only 1 title which, of course,  makes sense. I chose "business man" because I had been that for more years than I have been a business owner. In my 40+ years experience I have owned my own business's for 14 years and as a business man for the other 26 years. I coached and managed as many as 24 separate business owners in operating, finding locations in cities that are viable and can sustain them (un-like any other candidate), researching demographics of said cities, determining what the towns and cities needed the most to benefit the people and the economy (un-like any other candidate).  I know what large viable companies look for in cities before they decide to invest in that city.  As a Director I managed sales volumes of 15 million + dollars a year.

During the recession and even after sales declining a bit, I maintained a healthy profit margin for that company. This would be like managing a budget, a very tough budget (un-like any other candidate) which I can play a roll in here in Menifee, our city budget. This was at the same time I studied the demographics of Menifee and it's potential for future growth. I decided it was looking very good, I was right. I also studied what type of business the people of Menifee would like the most and then I developed my concept; the Breakfast Club Of Menifee, I was right again. I invested close to $400K (un-like any other candidate). This was not only an investment in Menifee but obviously in my idea and a big risk for me and my family (un-like any other candidate).  With my knowledge in what it takes in a city to support a business and what kind of business a city will support, it all worked out for the best with the business I opened (un-like any other candidate). Two years after we opened I chose to leave my six figure job and get more involved with our local business and the city (un-like any other candidate).  My business man and business owner experience gives me leaps and bounds of experience (un-like any other candidate)  to commit and play an important roll in the continued balanced growth of our city and to bring in business's that will NOT be duplicates of others but business's that will bring other people from other cities here to increase our revenue. Sitting in a chair and making decisions along with 5-6 others is one thing (other candidates), actually doing it and investing in Menifee is another (un-like any other candidate). We need variety and out of the box thinking to not only grow but keep us a small town feel...always. We need white collar jobs, we need to keep our city safe. I do not want to hold any other office other than City Council for District #3 for the next 9 years. I want to give back to you and Menifee as much as you and it has given to me.

My message from day #1 has not changed. My press releases, literature, and mailings keep on the same topic and my goals which again, have not changed. As we have seen in the mail candidates have a new or added message each time or have duplicated mine. Whatever is popular that week which is what politicians do. In some mailings I have seen a multitude of individual supporters for a candidate over the last 7 days. I guess we all could have just put names and professions of individuals we know and called them supporters, I'm not a politician. I have learned a lot about politics but will always bring business sense to decisions as well as people sense, politicians don't do that. I have 2 endorsers which neither are developers or special interest. Riverside County Young Republicans, and The Riverside Sheriff Association who, after either reviewing all of us and knowing some, felt I would be the most effective candidate. I am proud to have both groups support.

I love Menifee, always have, always will. If I did not KNOW that I was the best person for this very important job...I would have dropped out long ago and supported who I thought was.

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, Stu R. Blaze to represent you and our "City Of A Lifetime!!"

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