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Sunday, 14 February 2016 18:28

Meet Local talent Dino Castelleno from Menifee Featured

Written by  Nicole Farrell
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Here we are surrounded by lots of local talents here in Menifee and Murrieta As you know by now, we mainly promote or talk about the nonprofessional singers for the most part... They sing for the joy of singing.  It has been proven by doctors that it is the best medicine in the world." Music and singing" hand in hand sometime just singing acapella even “singing without music" helps.  Now how many people never sang in the shower...? Doesn't that feel good!I, for myself, never sang with music until my late 40's. 

Now let's talk about the singer of the month Dino Castelleno  I first met  and heard Dino sing at Menifee lakes Country Club about 3 years ago. I was just visiting the Country Club and when he got up to sing, he caught my full attention right away!!   I really thought he was a professional singer having a good time on his night off. Yes, I was that impress with Dino's talent as a singer.

I got to know him a little better over time. He was born in Bronx, New York and started singing for fun when he was 15. During his time in the Marine Corps he sang in a couple of shows and sometimes on weekend with the company band.  After coming back from the service Dino became a Guidance Counselor at a middle school in New York.  Later on he had some interesting jobs, he worked as a printer, a bartender etc. Anything to bring home money, Way to go Dino!

He's been living in Sun City Menifee now for over 15 years with his beautiful wife Linda. He doesn’t claim to be the best singer but like he says “I sure have a lot of fun doing it”.  Of course everyone knows that Frank Sinatra is his favorite singer and his out most favorite song is-"My Way"- and a lot of nice slow songs as he says.

 He has some nice hobbies, as well, how about, softball, bowling and golf.  Very nice Dino!!

His wife Linda has always been very supportive of his singing so one night at a Christmas party he convinced his wife to try out her first song, ” Baby Its Cold Outside”  right there and then she knew that his could be a really cool hobby.

She is now hooked on singing, Linda has been doing that for about 2 years now. She has a very soft really nice kind of voice doing 50s 60 s like Peggy Lee, slow type of songs we all enjoy her voice so much! There's a lot of nice slow dancing when she starts to sing Send in the Clown by Judy Collins, what a voice! Ohlala! 

Dino and Linda hardly go anywhere without their daughter  "Karen  and her husband  Ruben" as Karen  refers them (Dino and Linda ) as Mom and Pops  they are so close, and have a lot in common as they are accomplished singers themselves. ,   Singing is such a strong bonding agent.   Karen does mainly country and Ruben Mejia does Elvis shows, at private Parties. That's another fine entertainer that we have here in Menifee. They tell me that they feel so good after a night of serenading. Like the doctors say " it is the best meds in the world" even if you’re not sick it clears  up your mind!   You forget your problems. I hope you enjoyed the  little tidbits about some of our singers especially  Dino Castelleno our singer  of the month, He sings on a regular basis at Menifee Lakes  Country Club Karaoke show hosted by Nicole Farrell.  Keep on singing! 


Nicole Farrell

Entertainment Reporter


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