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The Benefits of Small Businesses in the Community

This month’s article is going to be slightly different from the previous ones we’ve done. Don’t worry we’ll go back to writing about plumbing again next month, but this month we’re going to focus on small businesses and how they benefit our community. This article may or may not pertain to you, but if you’re a Menifee resident than chances are that you can name a few local nearby businesses.One benefit of having a small business in your community is having higher multipliers. Now, what does that mean for us? It means that small local businesses are very likely to rely on local supplies and materials for their own businesses. Buying locally means more local income! More local income can also result in more local wealth and employment. Considering the economic struggle the average person is going through these days, higher multipliers can benefit a large portion of the community.Other benefits of local businesses are reliability and stability! One thing that you can count on with small businesses is that they’re not likely to just pack up and leave. The comings and goings of large, nonlocal business create enormous stresses, especially on a small community’s economy. A local business economy is essentially an insurance policy against these stresses. Also, the immobility these small businesses mean that they are relatively more accountable for local regulations. Globe-trotting businesses often challenge local regulations and threaten to leave if their objections are not heeded, whereas local businesses tend to adapt rather than flee.


TEMECULA, CA - When graceful hot air balloons rise over the 2014 Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, eyes will most likely turn towards one balloon that makes defying gravity it's name. For the first time in Temecula the "Wicked" Balloon "Defy Gravity" will be flying over Temecula Valley Wine Country May 30, 31 and June 1 at the Festival. Sporting the poster artwork of Galinda and Elphaba from the popular musical "Wicked" Defy Gravity will also glow during the evening hot air balloon glows on Friday and Saturday Night.The balloon will be joined with 40 other hot air balloons during the dawn launches and about a dozen balloons during the glow. Balloon flights from the Festival are scheduled for 6:30 a.m. (time approximate, weather permitting) Saturday and Sunday of the event.
The Festival is staged at Lake Skinner recreation area and on most days this provides a glorious ascension over the lake with a view of wine country (weather permitting). Occasionally cloud cover may force the balloons to launch offsite and at times providing another unique experience of actually landing at the Festival.
Come Festival days, dozens of hot air balloons brilliantly dot the sky with their colorful envelopes. Many of the best pictures are taken just as the balloons lift off. Passengers will catch unique photos of balloons flying side by side, casting shadows on early morning puffy stratus clouds, or reflecting on Lake Skinner. Festival guests can catch a flight Saturday ($210) and Sunday ($200) by reserving a balloon flight now at www.hotairtours.com or by calling 1-800-965-2122.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation announces three MSJC students received prestigious scholarship

2014 marks the second consecutive year that 3 MSJC students received the award.Three Mt. San Jacinto College students recently learned that they received the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. This is the second consecutive year that three MSJC students received the award.Irvin Calderon, Aaron Hansen and Christopher Blake Leeper learned on Tuesday, April 8 from MSJC Instructors Erik Ozolins, Christina Yamanaka and Nick Reeves that they were awarded the 2014 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.


The MSJC students were selected from a pool of more than 3,700 applicants nationwide."Irvin, Aaron and Christopher are incredibly active members of our Honors Enrichment Program and have made a tremendous impact on the college as a whole,” said Ozolins.  “They have worked very hard for this award and completely deserve it.  I couldn't be more proud of them.”MSJC is only the second college in the Foundation’s 14-year history to have three students receive the award in two separate years, Ozolins said."I am thrilled Aaron, Irvin, and Christopher are recipients of this prestigious award,” said Yamanaka.  “Their academic accomplishments, leadership in the Honors Enrichment Program, and community involvement truly distinguish them as examples of student excellence.  I look forward to what they will accomplish in the days ahead." This year’s MJSC students follow in the footsteps of Amy Bartel, Shayla Esarey and Samuel Fall, honors students at MSJC, who received the scholarship in 2013. All three transferred to UC Berkeley.


Two MSJC students Take Top Honors as Coca-Cola Community College  Academic Team Scholars

Two Mt. San Jacinto College students received the Gold and Silver 2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Scholar awards.Maureen Njuguna of San Jacinto was named a 2014 Gold Scholar and Wayne Bauwens of Menifee was selected as a 2014 Silver Scholar.The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation sponsors the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team program by recognizing 50 Gold, 50 Silver and 50 Bronze Scholars, and providing nearly $200,000 in scholarships annually. Gold Scholars receive a $1,500 scholarship and Silver Scholars receive a $1,250 scholarship. As Coca-Cola Scholars, Wayne and Maureen received a special medallion.Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society administers the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Program and recognizes Coca-Cola Academic Team scholars during All-State Community College Academic Team Recognition ceremonies held in 38 states. Student scholars also receive recognition locally during ceremonies held on campus and internationally for those who are able to attend Phi Theta Kappa’s Annual Convention.


Community college presidents or their designated nominators may submit no more than two nominations per campus for this award. An independent panel of judges considers outstanding academic rigor, grade point average, academic and leadership awards, and engagement in college and community service in the selection process. Maureen and Wayne are joined on the All-California Academic First Team by fellow MSJC student Kelly-Anne DeAngelis.  MSJC student Ivelisse Porroa-Garcia was named to the All-California Third Team. MSJC was one of only two community colleges with four students on the team. A total of 40 colleges and 76 students were ranked on the teams this year.“Year after year, Mt. San Jacinto College students continue to rank on the prestigious Phi Theta Kappa All-California Team,” said Dr. Roger Schultz, MSJC Superintendent/President. “I am proud of these students for reaching such high academic standards. Achievements like these can only happen with dedicated administrators and faculty like Dr. Ketmani Kouanchao and Dr. Nick Reeves, whose efforts keep our Phi Theta Kappa chapter strong and focused on our students’ success.”

Arts Council Menifee Selects Walt Edler as May Artist of the Month

The inventive painting technique of Artist of the Month Walt Edler, 88, pushes the limits of how one may use traditional materials, and stretches the minds of those viewing his creations.Edler has enjoyed a lifelong artistic career, and continues to exercise this passion during his retirement. His involvement with Arts Council Menifee for the last three years has allowed him to develop his unique painting techniques and share his work with the public.Edler will be showing his work at the upcoming Art Gallery Reception event on Sunday May 4th, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Kay Ceniceros Center.  The public is invited to this free event.

His 30-year professional career includedwork in graphic art - he held the positions of designer and art director. He has also had the privilege of working with the L.A. Times editorial page where he provided many stylized caricatur.

Networking organizations, Community Service and Hobbies

Throughout most communities, many clubs and organizations fight for attention and donation money. Some groups are for networking, some to help others, and some are used to keep one’s attention on something fun. All of them serve a purpose but it comes down to where a person feels comfortable and quite possibly, where they can contribute the most.Many people stereotype organizations from rumors or one experience they have had in the past.

Make note, every club can be different, even if they share the same name. A morning club could be different from the evening club, a networking group or chamber could be different than the one in the next town. It all comes down to the people, time, and if they have specific goals for their organization.

Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Summer Safety for Pets

Written by
Summer Safety for Pets

Summer is a time for people to have fun at the beach, tan, and lounge around pools with some lemonade. For animals, it can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Humidity, bugs, and pesticides can harm your precious pets if you do not take proper precautions. Every animal owner should take these factors into consideration, even if your animals live inside!

We all know that mosquitoes are pests to us while we sit around a fire on summer nights, but did you know that just one bite from an infected mosquito can give your pet a deadly heartworm? Taking your pets to the veterinarian to get heartworm prevention pills or shots could save their life.Heatstroke is a common problem for animals in the summer. Heat effects animals much differently than us. When you feel hot during the summer, imagine being covered in thick fur with many less sweat glands- This is how your animals feel. Whether your animals reside inside or outside, or a combination of both, always remember to provide plenty of water and shade for them. Automatic water bowls that hold a large amount of water are ideal for summer.

Contrary to popular belief, dog houses are not good sources of cooling shade for your pets. Actually, they trap heat inside and often hold hotter air than outside. Large trees offer great shade for pets and do not constrict air flow. Some breeds of dogs and cats are more prone to heat stroke than others. Look up your animal's breed to see if they are included.Watch your pets for signs of heatstroke, which include (but are not limited to) panting, extreme thirst, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, and unconsciousness. To treat heatstroke, move your pet to a cold room and cover their head, neck, and chest with cold towels. Then, take them to a vet to be checked.

Todays blistering heat and dry winds are causing fire breakouts all over San Diego county.

There are currently 9 different fires. Homes, schools and businesses are being evacuated. The I-15 has been closed for 3.5 miles due to a 600-acre fire in Bonsall, which is quickly approaching the roads and covering the freeway in smoke.

Approximately 300 people were evacuated. The Lakeside-El Cajon Fire caused around 1,300 homes and businesses to be evacuated. As of 7:00pm the fire has been contained. A raging 100+ acre fire is being pushed by strong offshore winds, hitting the buildings of Carlsbad with strong force. Firefighters are currently trying to prevent the fire from reaching more buildings to the west. Immediate evacuations are being issued to over 11,000 Carlsbad residents and those in the surrounding areas. A brush fire in San Marcos soon consumed a hillside and grew larger.

A Menifee resident who was attending college today in San Marcos comments that a huge smoke cloud covered several hills and nearby wildland. Many houses, businesses and schools in Camp Pendleton are in danger from two huge fires, which started in brush and are now spreading to these buildings. There has also been footage of a fire tornado burning the wildland in urban interface. Firefighters are currently trying to manage these fires.

Giving Back to Your Community Is a Good Way to Build YOUR Business

Cause-related marketing is one of the fastest growing segments in the marketing world today. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Large and small businesses and even home base businesses  are under ever increasing pressure to maximize “dollar efficiency,” find that the can achieve both marketing and philanthropic objectives by positioning themselves with the right cause- related marketing opportunity. 

Non-profit organizations faced with increased competition for contributions are becoming more proactive in their use of non-traditional marketing techniques in order to meet their financial, educational and awareness objectives.Traditional fundraising tools like direct mail and grants are not yielding as much “return on investment” for nonprofit organizations as they once did.  Thus, they are being forced to seek out “alternative forms of marketing.” As government continues to cut back their expenditures, including support for many  non-profit organizations and their projects, more and more pressure will be placed upon the businesses and public sector to meet these needs.Cause-related marketing is one of the most effective tools available to the Business community and non-profit organizations today.  Businesses small or large  can achieve a multitude of marketing and philanthropic objectives with one well-conceived campaign, Non-profit organizations with their business  partners can have the needed funds to complete their organization mission. 

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