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Menifee contracts with County of Riverside for animal sheltering services

MENIFEE Beginning April 1, lost or abandoned animals found in Menifee and not reunited
with owners by the end of the day will be sheltered at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

Currently, Menifee contracts with the Ramona Humane Society for animal sheltering. At the beginning of March, the Ramona Humane Society announced they could no longer provide sheltering services for the city. In response, the city has contracted with the County of Riverside to shelter animals while maintaining the existing arrangement with Animal Friends of the Valleys to provide animal control services.

Animal Friends of the Valley will continue to respond to animal control calls and collect stray or lost animals. Throughout the course of the day, they will attempt to return lost pets to owners by using microchip information or license tags.  If owners are not located, the lost animals will be transported to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, located at 581 S. Grand Avenue in San Jacinto., 92582.

Meet Sue Lopez a resident of the Club in Menifee and a Realtor with LCL Realty

Did you know that many women who are seniors still enjoy being part of the workforce as Entrepreneurs and love being self employed? Many also over the years have held numerous jobs, in fact those working today I am sure are not doing the same job they did 20 years ago.Sue Lopez is one of those dynamic women who loves what she is doing and everyday touches a life and makes a difference.As a Real Estate Agent with LCL Realty in Menifee she is always SHOWING UP to meet new people and to see how she can best serve their needs, as well as be there for her large family and still find time to get involved in her community.

Sue was born in Los Angeles and spent many years Torrance where she raised her children, before moving to Menifee.  She has always loved working and for over 25+ years has held many top corporate positions for companies like Teleflora Oneita, as well as many other top companies in the Southern CA.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 04:02

Menifee Got Talent!

Written by
Menifee Got Talent!

Friday night, Arts Council Menifee presented Menifee Got Talent, the annual talent show where locals can perform on stage for an audience. Heritage High School opened their doors for the show and almost every seat in the auditorium was sold. I was able to sit in the front row and watch so many talented pianists, singers, dancers, and musicians show off their talents.

Among the many talented musicians was the pianist Angelina Andrewski, an 8-year-old Menifee resident who played a beautiful piece for Menifee's Got Talent. Angelina has been playing the piano since she was 4 years old and aspires to be a famous pianist. Another notable performance was by Kylie Coppola who tap-danced her heart out on stage and blew me away with her energy. I also had the honor to watch some artists who volunteered to perform such as Mickie Grunwald, Steve and Kat Sanders, and Stuart Young.

Some of Menifee's Got Talent's previous winners, "J.R." Reed and Nicole Farrell also performed for us. Awards were given to Natasha Perry, Autumn Jones, Tyrrell Jones and Uriel Gomez for outstanding performances. Watching all the acts and seeing everyone perform so beautifully made me proud to be part of the Menifee community.

Barbara Rhoades Epley of Menifee turns 100!

On April 6, 2014 Barbara will be celebrating a very important milestone, her 100th birthday! She was born Barbara Rhoades Harrison in 1914 in Los Angeles, CA. She studied Physical Education through her college years. Barbara gave birth to 5 children, included in that are two sets of twins. She loves to garden, read novels, play Yahtzee, watch TV Sports, game shows  & crime dramas. She is an inspiration to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. When anyone asks her how she feels, she always says "I feel like a million bucks". Asked how do you live to be 100 years old, she has a very simple reply, "just be very happy where ever you are". Well we think that's great advice Barbara! Thank you to her daughter Trudy Stoermer for bringing this lovely lady's big celebration to our attention. Here's to many more years of wonderful memories and good health. ~ Buzz


Young girl gets her dream to have her terminally ill father walk her down the  aisle

Lindsey Villatoro is a professional photographer and the owner of Love Song Events and Photography located in Menifee. Her client base ranges from UFC fighters, Celebrity families, as well as your everyday photography requests. She is a photographer that also works with terminally ill clients that hire her to photograph and document their last memories. She works with organizations like Michelle’s Place in Temecula, Or N.E.G.U., giving back to these people by her photography. About two weeks ago she met Jim and Grace Zetz. Jim has terminal stomach cancer and was given weeks to live at the end of October. Jim did 3 months of Chemo so it would “buy him time” with his loved ones but at the end of January he decided he would rather have quality time with them and not be laid up in a bed. Lindsey met up with couple and photographed them together throughout their beautiful home. She thought this would be the last time meeting with these clients but was taken to this family because they had a little girl who was about to turn 11.

Jim and Grace have 5 children, all but two live out of state. Josie is the youngest and the only child in their home. Having an 11 year old daughter herself, Lindsey couldn’t imagine what their children feel suffering this loss, so she wanted to make Josie's last birthday with her dad the very best. A few days after their session Lindsey posted something on her business website saying if anyone wished to donate a birthday gift for “Josie’s last birthday” with her father you could drop the gifts off at her studio or mail them. The following day Lindsey called Grace, Josie's mom and said, "I know Josie is very sad about her dad not being there for memories when she is older. So what if we do a little wedding for her? I will bring a dress, do her makeup and we will photograph them together. I will bring food for 15 to 20 people so you could invite anyone you’d like to come."

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 05:13

Hear yee, hear yee...

Written by
Hear yee, hear yee...

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is celebrating their 52nd season in Irwindale from April 5th to May 18th. Head over to the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area any weekend from 10am until 7pm. I walked alongside elves, wizards, kings, queens and gypsys and felt as if I was really in this historic period.

I saw a variety of stage shows and activities such as knife and axe throwing, mazes, swings and archery. I'll always remember the laughs of my friends as I struggled to lift the bow and missed the target every time. However, most of my time was spent trying to finish a 1/4lb turkey leg from one of the many food vendors and gawking over all the handcrafted jewelry. Vendors also offer hair braiding, face painting, henna body art, costume rentals and so much more.

This was surely a day to remember. Don't miss out! Visit http://www.renfair.com/socal/ to buy your tickets.

Monday, 07 April 2014 00:00

Dogs and Essential Oils

Written by
Dogs and Essential Oils

Many dog trainers, veterinarians, and animal care providers have turned to Pure, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils to use in place of toxic and harmful ingredients commonly found in pet products.  The use of pure, quality essential oils are used to assist dogs with anxiety issues, behavioral issues, fears and phobias, aggression, and even health care issues. Dogs that come completely unglued at the Fourth of July, now rest peacefully throughout the night with essential oils being diffused in the room.  Or, dogs that couldn’t ride in a car without experiencing motion sickness, can now ride comfortably when oil is petted onto them prior to getting into the car. 

It’s important to know that not all essential oils are created equal, especially when using them on our pets.  Most of the essential oils that you find in the health food stores are filled with synthetic ingredients in them to “stretch” them and make them more profitable to make. 

The oil should be not only be safe to apply to the skin but also to consume internally and used as aromatherapy.  In fact, most Veterinarians that regularly use essential oils in their practice only recommend Young Living Essential Oils due to the extremely high quality. 

Teryn Jones of 4 Paws Training in Menifee uses oils with the dogs she trains.  She says, “Before it took a long time of consistent training to see improvement in major behavior problem cases.  Essential oils does not replace training, but it helps facilitate it – naturally, and without the use of toxic drugs.  I see immediate improvement with the oils as compared to other methods and medications I used in the past.”

If you intend to incorporate the use of essential oils, do your homework and find the company that has the highest standards in producing their oils.


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